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Below you can read some testimonials about Clive’s work submitted by his clients:

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  1. I visited Clive as I had severe lower back pain when standing. My right leg has been amputated below knee and the toes on my left foot, so I was worried whether anything could be done. Clive knew instantly what the problem was and after 1 session I was pain free. I will now go back every 6 weeks for “maintenance”. My sister also visited Clive just this week and she cannot believe the difference in her body.She is moving better than she has for quite a while. Thanks Clive.

  2. What an amazing practitioner Clive is! He has been able to resolve long standing issues resulting from injury over 40 years ago that have enabled me to resume a much more active lifestyle and I can’t thank him enough. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions which are pain free and produce such long lasting results. Clive has also treated my 13 year old Labrador who has had a back injury caused by being hit with a walking stick some years ago. Toby had been diagnosed with dementia when he was demonstrating confusion with conventional pain management treatments. Clive treated him, Toby has not had or needed any pain medication since and is able to enjoy ‘sniffing trips’ once again. This is truly a blessing, and again, thank you Clive, from Toby and me!

  3. I have been seeing Clive for several years for imbalances in my body, resulting in aches and pains and dysfunction. His unique and seemingly miraculous approach using Ortho-Bionomy never ceases to amaze me as his results are fast and effective. As a physiotherapist with over 24 years experience, I have never seen such incredible results in such a short period of time, and the experience is practically painless. I now take my entire family to Clive, my husband, boys and my mother, and I often refer clients to Clive as his treatment is so fast,effective and lasting. I highly recommend Clive,with his vast experience, and unique approach to correcting imbalances, because his treatment really works.

  4. I recommend wholeheartedly Ortho-Bionomy Therapy. I am so happy to have found Clive, after suffering for years from muscle restrictions after a car accident and having tried diverse therapies, I can’t speak highly enough for the services Clive has provided. He is so dedicated and knowledgeable in finding the root-cause of the problem. As a High School Teacher, Clive is able to get me through every term pain free! Thanks, Clive.

  5. I have been receiving Ortho-Bionomy since 2011 for MS symptoms. From my first treatment, the benefits I felt in my body were immediate and I was deeply in gratitude for this type of healing. For the previous 14 years, I had been unable to find a modality that was able to achieve a lasting change… i.e. finally my hamstrings that were shortened and had become constantly tight over the years, were now soft and sitting was comfortable again. I continue to receive Ortho-Bionomy every fortnight. It’s an entire body maintenance and my whole being feels listened to; supported; and loved. I don’t know where I’d be without Ortho-Bionomy and feel extremely blessed it has come my way…

    Thank you Dear Clive from my heart for being such a great facilitator _/|\_

  6. Clive has an amazing connection with orthobionomy and the human body. Through my understanding of my body with Yoga I am in touch with it, but there are times I do not understand how to realign it when its out of balance. I find working with Clive illuminating as the mind, energy and body find their position of balance and harmony. A very non invasive practice for the body.

  7. I have known Clive for many years, first attending his Yoga classes on a regular basis then for treatment with certain ailments with my body. Since having Ortho-Bionomy treatment on a regular basis, my muscles and body functions are more relaxed and more balanced. I find this an excellent way to maintain good health both in my body and mind. I would highly recommend this form of treatment.

  8. 5/4/15
    I have been attending Clive’s Clinic for several years and cannot recommend him highly enough.
    There have been times when I could barely get myself there and after the treatment, feeling totally exhausted (even though it is painless and takes no effort from me) I have returned home and slept soundly.
    Miraculously, the next morning I am totally back to normal.
    I have referred friends to Clive as they have exclaimed “What the Hell?” when they see the difference in me.
    Clive is a very thoughtful, kind person and has seen me out of hours many times when I have been experiencing excruciating pain. Knowing he is there, working his miracles is very reassuring. and allows me to lead a normal life.
    Sandra Timewell
    Pearl Beach.

  9. Clive has the ability to facilitate deep healing and I have been the beneficiary of this over the years with various aches and pains including knee, jaw, neck and shoulder. All were resolved with Clive’s considered treatment. He is thoughtful, caring and very patient in his approach. He takes time, is very reassuring and has a gentle way, all very important when you are in pain or worried.
    Of particular note and almost miraculous was the body work Clive did to rapidly heal my very painful ‘frozen shoulder’ injury almost two years ago. I arrived in significant pain and after one session received relief. I teach yoga and the pain and injury debilitated me so that I could not teach for 10 days. I firmly believe that without Clive’s treatment I would have been out of action much much longer and doubt that I would have recovered so well. I understand from others and my research that such an injury can take months and recur over years. At a time of deep pain Clive was able to place my body so that I was pain free and relaxed.
    I am very grateful for Clive’s healing and confidently refer students to him as I know he will be able to assist and make a difference. I cannot recommend Clive more highly. Thank you Clive for your amazing healing work.

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