About Clive

About Clive

Clive Salzer ? Body Therapist, Ortho-Bionomy Instructor and Advanced Practitioner, Bowen Therapist, Life Coach and Alexander Technique Teacher.

Clive Salzer – Body Therapist, Ortho-Bionomy Instructor and Advanced Practitioner, Bowen Therapist, Life Coach and Alexander Technique Teacher.

Clive works as Body Therapist in Umina Beach, a suburb North of Sydney, as an Ortho-Bionomy Instructor and Advanced Practitioner, a Bowen Therapist, and a Life Coach. He is also a teacher of the Alexander Technique, which adds another level to his skills in body work. The scope of his work, however, goes even deeper than his formal qualifications, encompassing the holistic restoration of harmony to the body mind and spirit, based on his wide experience in meditation, yoga and body mechanics.

Clive holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and started his professional career as a mathematician and computer programmer. Later, in pursuit of his spiritual searches, he made a life changing decision to move to an Ashram where he lived and worked for twenty years. There he studied yoga which he has taught for thirty years. He was founder of the Yoga Studies courses at the ashram, and went on to Lecturer in Yoga history, Philosophy and Meditation at Nature Care College in Sydney.
Clive’s background in Yogic and tantric principles has given him deep insights into the relationship between body mind and spirit which is the foundational wisdom of his work and personal life.

After leaving the Ashram, Clive continued teaching yoga, and sustained a knee injury which led him into his pursuit of Body work healing. First he became accredited as a Myopractic and Bowen therapist and then as an Ortho-Bionomy practitioner, both of which modalities work with the body’s natural self-restorative mechanisms. Clive also trained in NLP and is accredited as a Life Coach which he brings to the table to make every session with his clients a transformative experience. In 2017 Clive became a fully accredited Ortho-Bionomy Instructor and now he also teaches this modality. In 2018 he finished his training as an Alexander Technique teacher which applies many of the principles his work is based on and results in an effective and rich blend.

Clive follows the principles of Natural Hygiene championed in the 1960’s by Herbert Shelton, and now taught by such greats as Joel Fuhrman, M.D and Dr Doug Graham. This philosophy advocates the need of fundamental elements for sustainable health such as: clean fresh air, pure water, nutritious food, sufficient sleep, rest, exercise, recreation, social relationships and loving company, to mention a few. Clive applies these principles to his own life especially with a plant based diet and a balance of work, fun and spirituality.

In 2012 Clive met and married his twin soul, Anthea Paterson from Brazil. This is an ongoing kosmic love story which deeply transformed his life and many of his beliefs. Before meeting Anthea, Clive thought that heaven was an afterlife prize, now he lives in heavenly bliss 24*7 here on earth.

Clive was introduced to Integral Theory, the amazing work of Ken Wilber, by his wife. Integral awareness has brought all the threads of Clive’s life experience together into his work, a harmonic synthesis of healing and transformation, which he calls Body Whispering.

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