Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy has achieved remarkable results over the past 50 years.

Clive Salzer explains how the Bowen Therapy works befor attending a client's session

Clive Salzer always explains how the Bowen Therapy works before attending a client’s session and what he is doing along the session. This helps the client to understand the aim of each move.

It is based on the work of Tom Bowen, its originator, who lived and practiced in Geelong, Victoria in the 1970’s.

While working as a masseur in junior football clubs, and with much reading and study of other modalities, he developed a set of specific moves resulting in long term and often immediate resolution of most presenting problems and pain conditions. At his peak he was seeing around 13,000 people a year and achieving a success rate in his practice of over 80% of presenting conditions. From its Australian origins his technique has now been adopted worldwide with practitioners in New Zealand, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.

Bowen Therapy, through specific cross-fibre moves, stimulates the body to correct itself and restore homeostasis (balance).

Bowen Therapy has shown it can have profound and permanent healing and pain relief outcomes. This relief is experienced by many with a wide range of painful conditions, even where other modalities or treatments have resulted in transient or little improvement.

Bowen Therapy treats the whole body, and can resolve problems beyond those for which clients have sought treatment, such as lack of energy, stress or emotional issues.

There is a very wide range of acute and chronic conditions which Bowen Therapy can help, including: Acute and chronic pain with musculo-skeletal or neurological origins

  • Fibromyalgia,
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica,
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • Neck pain,
  • Arm pain and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • TMJ syndrome,
  • Shoulder pain (frozen shoulder),
  • Leg and foot pain (plantar fascitis),
  • Emotional depression and stress,
  • Asthma,
  • Sporting and other trauma injuries.

Bowen Therapy is also used to treat small animals and horses within Australia and internationally.

Clive Salzer using Bowen Therapy

Clive Salzer using Bowen Therapy

The principal benefit of Bowen Therapy is rapid and long term remission from pain, reduced stress, greater mobility and improved physical and emotional quality of life. Other benefits include increased energy, improved immune system, rebalanced body, improved circulation, lymphatic drainage and detoxification. It has few contraindications, is very gentle, relaxing and non-invasive. It has no manipulation, and is safe for all including children and the aged.

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