Undesrstanding Ortho-Bionomy?

Ortho-Bionomy bodywork therapy in progress

Ortho-Bionomy bodywork therapy in progress

Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle, pain-free, and extremely effective bodywork therapy.

It uses subtle movements which support the natural preferences of the body, creating a sense of comfort, and stimulating the body’s innate ability to self-restore.

As there is no forcing, the method is completely safe for all, from children to the elderly, and for acute or chronic pain conditions.

Many conditions which are considered permanent by medical practitioners, such as arthritis, back pain, hip pain, frozen shoulder or carpal-tunnel syndrome, where mainstream treatment is limited to pain relief or surgery, are easily relieved and often completely restored with Ortho-Bionomy, taking just a few sessions.

Ortho-Bionomy therapy in progress

Ortho-Bionomy therapy in progress focusing on feet and knee to?release tension and pain.

Feet and knee conditions are a similar case, with foot pain, fallen arches, and bunions considered permanent and usually treated with pain killers, shoe orthotics or surgery. With Ortho-Bionomy, arches can re-appear and feet or knee pain can disappear in a few sessions.

Founded by a British osteopath, Dr Arthur Lincoln Pauls, in the 1970’s, Ortho-Bionomy is now offered broadly in USA and many European countries. It is beginning to expand in Australia and New Zealand with around 200 practitioners currently.

Ortho-Bionomy focuses on osteopathic principles, facilitating the body’s innate self-healing and self-regulating mechanisms. The Practitioner elicits these responses by gently exaggerating the structural imbalances through comfort and ease of movement positions as well as light compression into the joints. An Ortho-Bionomy session typically lasts one hour. The client lies on a massage table (fully clothed) while the practitioner supports a part of the client’s body in a comfortable position. This stimulates the (parasympathetic) nervous system, the body releases tension, and the pain can be felt melting away.

Ortho-Bionomy therapy in progress

Ortho-Bionomy therapy in progress

Depending on the depth of the condition and the client’s level of relaxation, it may require three or four sessions to solve a specific issue or condition that the client is experiencing. Subsequently it enables the assessment and support of self-correcting patterns which can be used as an ongoing programme of self-care and development.

*Ortho-Bionomy is a registered trademark of the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International, Ortho-Bionomy Australia Ltd and Ortho-Bionomy New Zealand and is used with permission.

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  1. I have known Clive for many years,first attending his Yoga classes on a regular basis then for treatment with certain ailments with my body.Since having ortho-bionomy treatment on a regular basis,my muscles and body functions are more relaxed and more balanced.I find this an excellent way to maintain good health both in my body and mind.I would highly recommend this form of treatment.

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