What is Life Coaching all about?

Clive?s style of coaching focuses on health and his life coaching provides people with a core of self-sufficiency and a positive outlook

Life coaching is helping others achieve their goals through guidance, goal-setting and discipline, similar to a coach who is developing an athlete to achieve victory in their sport.

A Life Coach provides a framework for personal growth, developing a personalised program to pursue and achieve established goals.

This program identifies obstacles that prevent a person’s progression, and removes those obstacles through changes in that person’s approach to life.

Life coaching can be applied to many goals such as:

  • Pursuing a new career or advancing in the current one
  • Growing and maintaining a relationship
  • Learning how to be a leader
  • Starting a business
  • Losing weight and becoming physically fit
  • Developing professional or social interaction skills
  • Becoming financially disciplined

Clive’s style of coaching focuses on health outcomes and includes:

  • Practices to strengthen and improve function in physical movement
  • Changing beliefs and attitudes about the body, pain and health
  • Developing a more powerful stance and posture in life

Clive’s life coaching provides people with a core of self-sufficiency and a positive outlook which they carry with them the rest of their lives.

It helps clients to bolster their own inner strength and turn that into motivation and drive. It assists them to break through mental and emotional blocks that keep them weak and mediocre. The power of success is inside everyone, and coaching helps people to find their power, courage and resilience, and keep them going for a lifetime.

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